Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Warm feet for the winter.
Just don't look a how dirty the floor is...

You wouldn't think it would be too much trouble to find house slippers for two boys ages 8 and 11 would you.  It's getting chilly in the house (64 tonight).  We haven't turned on the furnace yet but it's only set for 65 while we're home anyway.  The boys have a habit of kicking off their shoes as soon as they get home - I think they picked that one up from me: I really don't like wearing shoes. But they are starting to complain that their feet are cold.  So tonight while I was out picking up a few other things I thought I'd look for slippers.  Wow.  Not much selection out there for boys.  Oh, I could have gotten the silly character slippers (Dora the explorer or Spiderman) but they're beyond that.  There are thousands of slippers for little girls- pink sparkly ones but the few for boys didn't seem very good quality or didn't seem that they would be comfortable (moccasins with little insulation and really stiff fabric outers).  So I ended up shelling out the money for the expensive "collegiate wear" ones with the Iowa Hawkeyes tigerhawk emblem.  They were the only ones in a size that would fit that they would be willing to wear.  I know I could have looked around more at different stores but it was late and I was in a hurry.  So much for frugality this time.  :-(  But the boys are both Hawkeye fans (they don't get that from either parent!) so they thought they were great.  

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