Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok.  Did an inventory of the canned goods.  Not the freezer yet.  I got that reorganized a few weeks ago but do you think I thought to do a count while I was at it.  Of course not.  That would have made too much sense.  I need to get to that so I'm sure what we've got.  But not this week. My MIL is coming later this week and I'm still trying to get out from under the mountain of laundry in the basement. 

Here's the inventory as it stands now:
Whole tomatoes   11 qt
Tomato sauce    9 qt    4 pt
Salsa   8 pt
Enchilada Sauce  4 pt
Pickled jalapeno relish   5 pt
Spiced apples  6 pt
Green tomato-apple chutney  7 half pt (plus one open in the fridge)
Sweet pickles  1 qt (Thanks Mom)
Spicy mixed pickles  1 qt (Thanks again Mom)
Ginger pear jam 3 pt
Raspberry jam 3 pt (plus one open in fridge)
Apple jelly  2 pt

Not a bad list, but not what I would have liked.  Unfortunately, we had a bad year with the garden.  I would have liked to put up more tomatoes but with all the rain we had early Roger and I had a difficult time keeping up with all that needed done and it was a disappointing year, especially with the tomatoes.  Peppers we've got plenty of.  For a while during the worst of the flooding here I had to drive way out of the way to even get to the garden which is usually only a 5 minute drive.  Oh,  I'm hoping for the day when I have enough land to be able to walk out my door to the garden at any time.  

Peace.  J


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  1. I am in the opposite situation: I have the freezers done, but the pantry remains a disorganized mess!!

    Great work!


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