Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hard work and the unexpected

I have developed an intense love/hate relationship with safety glass.  Our storm door window unexpectedly decided to shatter this morning.  My guy had just put the dog outside and heard a strange crackling sound, kind of like running water.  He turned around to see the window slowly crinkling into thousands of tiny pieces. I know that the safety glass means that there aren't sharp shards of glass but I do think that whoever invented it never had to clean up those thousand tiny cubes of glass.  We got the window taped and removed but in trying to clear out the frame lots of tiny bits fell into the grass in the backyard.  Considering dog paws and big and little bare feet that are out there I spent considerable time picking up bits of glass.  Have I mentioned that I hate safety glass...

In better news,  I got something done yesterday.  6 more pints of salsa and 6 pints of spiced apples:
The apples are diced, not sliced, and get used for oatmeal fixins' in the winter.  Yummy.
Unfortunately, it always feels like I spend so much time peeling and cutting apples and then all I have to show for it is 6 pints.  I've got more apples here and the promise of more yet to come from the farm. 

Soon I'll try to post a guide to the cast of characters here eating out of my freezer.


  1. Both the salsa and the apples look really yummy. What a great idea to use in oatmeal (can't believe I haven't thought of that, LOL!) I have several bushels of apples to do something with (and more on our trees). Our property borders an old orchard so we have a bunch of volunteer apple trees.

    I always feel the same way about the quantity of preserved vs. how much I process!

    Thanks for your comments over at my blog!

  2. Yum, spiced apples! One thing I've seen in Lehman's catalog, in a rural general store, and hangin around on old community farms is an apple peeler/corer/slicer (works well for potatoes, too) - saves you a Lot of time! Here's a picture -


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