Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Sunday and check ins

A busy day here.  Since I had to work yesterday I feel behind on all the usual stuff I try to get done on weekends.  I have been up to my ears in laundry.  I know, V would do it but I am kind of OCD when it comes to how laundry is done and hung on the lines to dry.  He has pretty much given up, mainly because I complain so much when my shirts come out stretched and/or wrinkled beyond belief.
I11 was busy cooking this morning.  I cooked some bacon that I got at the local farmer's market and he decided he wanted eggs to go along with it.  I'll have to pick up some more bacon for the freezer on Saturday because that is the last weekend market of the season.

I also made it out to the garden today.  My friend, Roger, said that they will probably plow the garden under later this week so I thought I'd better get what's left. I've got another market basket with ripe tomatoes in it as well. 
The funny thing about this particular basket, besides the fact that it is big enough to hold a baby, is that it was a dumpster find this spring.  That's one of the perks of living in a college town where a large part of the population moves out each May.  I'm always amazed at what the students throw out.  V has an amazing list of things he has found, everything from several hundred dollars worth of music CDs to a tux and a trumpet- all of which work and/or fit.  I've got a beautiful silk shirt that was in a dumpster- still in the dry cleaning bag with the tags attached.  I really don't understand that kind of mentality...

I also picked up a few of these. These are the last few White Wonder cucumbers. These are a heritage variety from Seed Savers Exchange.  K8 got a packet of seeds last year at the homecoming parade as a prize.  They were outdated and I wasn't sure they would grow but they did well.  K8 LOVES cucumbers so I plan to save some seeds from these for next year.

Now time for a challenge check in.  The Make Do and Mend Challenge over at Rob's is on.  It's been a slow week for mending.  I did manage to sew a few buttons back on pants for both boys and mend a split seam.  I plan to try to soak my market basket so I can repair the handle before it completely breaks. I made the basket a few years ago when a friend (who happened to be the pastor of my church at the time) offered to teach me how to weave baskets.  The handle is beginning to slide out and I don't want it to come completely out since it was woven in when the basket was made.  I really hope that the reed hasn't become so brittle over time that I can't fix it.  I guess I could always get new but I think you have to order it in rather large batches and I'm not sure I want to take up basket weaving in my spare time in order to use it all.  

Tomorrow is another busy day.  I've still got lots to do before my MIL arrives Thursday.  Wish me luck.  


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