Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too windy to burn

Rats,  no dutch oven meal tonight. It was much too windy for burning anything that close to the house.  It made it to 81 degrees this afternoon- except for trees turning and dropping leaves, it makes it hard to remember that it is mid-October.  At least with not needing to be tending fire I was able to get a few other things done.  Got the dehydrator filled with apples.  Probably the first of many loads.  I also got the apples sorted, with the best of the best in one bag in the bottom of the fridge, the pretty good in another, and finally what my Mom calls 'knife apples' in a box (no more room in the fridge).  Those are the ones that I'm working on drying because they won't keep long.

It was also time for take 2 on collecting walnuts.  Last weekend J14 and I collected black walnuts.  Unfortunately I didn't secure them well enough and by the time I got home from work Monday evening there were lots of VERY well fed squirrels in the neighborhood.  V and I went foraging down the alley since our tree didn't have many left.  A few people drove by and gave us odd looks but, oh well, that's their problem.  These have been MUCH better secured against squirrel losses.

In other news,  I think V has maybe decided that I'm not totally insane for my 'new depression era fears'- stocking up on supplies. Two weeks ago he was laughing at me that I was worried about any of this.   Yesterday while we were at Menard's (for something else) he didn't bat an eye when I mentioned that I wanted to get a storage tote to keep supplies on the pantry shelves in the basement.  He even suggested that I get two- one for sugar and such on the shelves and another to keep an extra 10 lbs of flour in the freezer.  And, yes, it will fit in the freezer.  It's amazing what will fit after it's been cleaned and organized.  ; )

Peace, here's to better days tomorrow.  

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