Friday, October 17, 2008

A family favorite

We had kniep for dinner tonight. I'm not sure how you really spell it, kniep is the closest my mom and I could come up with.  It is a family traditional food.  It's really a kind of big spaetzle or lazy noodles in broth.  My kids LOVE it so I tend to make a lot.  It is really easy...I think it is one of the few things that I11 knows how to make apart from eggs, soup and ramen noodles.  K8 helped me make it the last time we had it because he wanted to learn how.
There isn't really a recipe since every time is a little different.  I essentially take one egg per person (maybe less if not my family), add salt and pepper and a very little water. You beat this and then add enough flour to make a soft dough. There is debate over whether you add a smidge of baking powder (I do, my mom does not, my grandmother did, not sure about my dad).  You drop this by small bits (about 1/2 teaspoon) into simmering stock.  This is the time consuming part but the results are definitely worth it!!  
It's a sure bet for a meal in any season but especially when it's cold outside.  

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