Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tick- not the icky kind

You won't make me get down, will you?
I'm REALLY comfortable...
This is the youngest of our family.  Tick has been with us for about two and a half years now. The vet estimated that he was not quite a year old when we got him.  He came to us via my parent's farm where he had been abandoned.  It really irks me that people do things like that.  Can't afford him or he's too big or he's too strong willed so lets dump him out in the country...  That kind of mentality totally escapes me.  He is large (about 110 lbs) and eats a lot,  and he is quite energetic and strong willed.  We got him at that awkward stage of large dogs- where he weighed 70 lbs and was still a puppy- and acted like it.  He has mellowed over the years.  He still has his moments of craziness but is also incredibly sweet and lovable.
He got his name from I11.  When Tick found us he was thin, starving and covered in ticks- hence the name-  Ian said that he was 'ticky" and it stuck.  Unfortunately for him he is also a good jumper.  We have a 5+ foot privacy fence around the back yard.  We have to keep him on a line when he's outside because he can jump the fence.  For a while before we got all the kinks worked out of the system we had the police bringing him home to us several times.  Amazingly he has never ended up in the animal shelter.  We always managed to get him home... and he seems quite content to stay.  At least, as long as we don't make him get off the couch.

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  1. I vividly remember that frosty october morning after you had left... sprinting two blocks barefoot after him... big puppy... now if only I can get him to stay out of my room...


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