Saturday, October 18, 2008

Working Saturday

Ah... lunch break. I'm at work today, yes on a Saturday. I work approximately once a month on a Saturday but don't really mind too much. This means that I have next Friday off as a comp day. Which is good. My MIL is arriving Thursday evening to spend a few days with us. J14 is being confirmed at church next Sunday and MIL is flying in from Pennsylvania for the event. My parents will also be here, as will my brother, several of J14's friends and friends of the family. We will be hosting a small open house at our home after the service so I have LOTS to do in the meantime. At least I will have Friday off, not only to entertain the MIL but also to start cooking for this fete. I was thinking about something fairly fast and easy. I think I will cook up some frozen tortellini (I know, not very local, is it) with pesto (that is local and home 'put up'), some bread (I will bake Friday or Saturday) with a cheese/antipasto tray, veggies and dip. Oh, and probably punch of some sort. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not going to have much time between getting home from the service and having people start arriving so things will have to be either already prepared or VERY quick to prep.

Well, gotta go. Work calls... I've seen 17 patients so far today and still have a few left. Then I need to start on documentation- that will last most of the afternoon.

Peace. J

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