Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Making progress

I can finally see the bottom of the box of apples- one of them at least.  J14 was eating the ones that were already dried so I told her that she had to help with the new batch.  Compliance with no whining!!! Wow!  Mark this day on the calendar ;0  
Seriously, she is a great help (most of the time but not always without whining).  Things went much faster when I could peel and slice and leave it to her to fish the apple slices out of their lemon water bath and arrange them on the dehydrator trays. At least until she had to leave for her violin lesson.
And speaking of J14.  The look on her face was priceless when she found out that her mom was blogging.  Maybe I'm not supposed to be savvy enough about technology to do this.  Anyway, she was curious what I was writing so looked me up.   She was amused enough to start her own blog.  Check her out at Life Through Windows
It should be good for a dose or two of teenage angst.

Well, I've gotta go clean up my mess and head to the compost pile before it starts to rain.  
Peace.  Judy

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