Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big storm- updated with photos

We had a severe storm move through this morning.  Heavy rain and high winds.  We've got a huge tree down.  It hit the barn and one corner of the garden.  Photos to follow- it's till too stormy to spend much time out there.
I guess the coop is on hold for the near future....

I'm beginning to think we'll have those chickens in the basement forever.

A few photos.  It is still pretty rainy.
Here is the West side of the barn.  The tree was just at the north end of the garden.  It was a huge hickory tree.
 The tree was snapped off at the base, below ground:
 It took out the southwest corner of the barn roof.   It's hard to see how much damage has been done because there is still a tree parked on top of it.
 My poor garden.
The garden was spared the worst of it.  The main tree trunk fell through the gate toward the barn and not toward the garden.    Sadly, the garden would have been easier to fix.

It looks like we've got another tree down on what we've named Gazebo Hill.  But right now the creek is too high to try to cross and there is still quite a bit of lightning and rain out there.

More later.


  1. Ugh! So sorry. So glad it wasnt your house that tree came down on. I have a den off my livingroom that I have been told once housed chickens. So having house chickens may not be all that strange ;)

  2. Dear girl!!

    I lost a loty of my garden a couple of years the middle of the season. I cried. A big piece of a hickory tree tore through my bean trellises and smashed my picnic table...tore up the tomatoes. It was awful.

    We are having a grand day...high 80's and sunny for a change.

    Thinkig of you. The barn roof will be fixed and thankfully no one was in there and hurt. That's the main thing.

  3. Jane- I'm glad it wasn't the house as well. We do have a huge tree right outside the back door that was making my youngest son nervous.
    Akannie- We've probably got a lot less damage in the garden because everything is still so small. A 6 inch limb dropped about an inch from one of my pepper plants- if it had been more than six inches tall it probably would have been a gonner. As it is, I think I lost 3 or 4 tomatoes. Not too bad.

  4. Ohmigosh are you kidding me?! This weather is just too, too much. Basement chickens may just take off as the next big thing the way the weather has been!

  5. I'm glad you and your family are okay - and your house, too. I am so sorry for the loss of the tree and the damage to your barn roof. These severe storms seem like they will never end. Hope you miss the rest of them and get some good, dry weather to fix everything.


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