Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rainy day progress

A day in photos.

A rainy morning was perfect for making waffles.  I had been promising the boys for a while that I would make them.
 And a HUGE package arrived:
 There is a funny story behind this table saw.   For a while the hospital stopped giving 'longevity' gifts to employees.  That was fine by my.  For my 5 year employment anniversary, I got a totally useless glass ashtray (or candy dish- I don't remember) engraved with the hospital logo.  Well, evidently, the hospital started giving gifts again.  I have worked there for 16 years so I got, retroactively, the 15 year gift.  They are doing it differently.  They give you a link to a website and your personal 'number'.  To my surprise, there were all kinds of great things there.  But, looking through, there really wasn't much I was interested in.  Expensive jewelry or watches- nope, golf bags- I don't think so, mantle clocks- don't need it.  There was a pretty cool binocular camera but the software wasn't Mac compatible.  We also don't need a wine refrigerator or another tent.  So, that took me to the tools.  Most we have already:  Compound mitre saw- check, circular saw- check, table saw... wait a minute!  So, I ordered a table saw.  V finds that immensely amusing.  But, here it is, ready to be assembled- a 15 amp, 5000 rpm Skil table saw, with stand. Not too bad for free.
The rain kept falling off and on all morning.  V tried to cheer me up by saying that it was cupcake weather- with sprinkles.  HA.  I was amused but it didn't really make things much better. The coop and surroundings are wet.  This:
is what's going to hold us up the most.  I can't put down the flooring until it dries.  And we won't put up the interior wall until the flooring is down.  But we did make some progress in spite of the rain.
Behold, a window is born:

We got all 4 windows installed.  Tomorrow, we will tackle the doors (people, chicken and clean out).
But here it is so far:
I had really hoped to be finished and have the big girls installed by now but time and weather have NOT cooperated with our coop.
And before you think that this is huge, only 2/3 of the structure is actually for the chickens (an 8x8 area).  The front section, right by the people door, is for storage and such.
It looks like the weather should hold for tomorrow so maybe we can get the doors done.  And maybe, I'll put up some of the interior walls.  We will be repurposing material from the old surgery in the basement.  I'll post photos of that stuff some other time.  Of course, the weather finally started clearing off late this afternoon, just in time for us to wrap up and head out to a graduation party.


  1. What a great coop! I so wish I had one.

  2. That's a great gift, it will get lots of use I'm sure! Coop is looking fantastic!

  3. My goodness, that is some fancy chicken coop. How do they get in? I think you did great on your gift! Be that will come in handy!! We've had a whole 2 days without rain!!! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be pretty much rain~free, with highs in low 90's! Good Swimmin' weather!...debbie

  4. Debbie- there will be a chicken door under one of the windows on the south side. It will open directly into the run (that isn't built yet). We're hopefully going to do the doors today- if the weather cooperates. again....

  5. You guys have been working SO hard!

  6. That is amazing! You two did a wonderful job. Just wait until the chickens get an eyeball-ful of that palace!


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