Friday, May 27, 2011

Not much

I had the day off work today as a comp day since I worked last weekend.  I feel like I was busy all day but I don't feel that I accomplished much.
I did some laundry, did some weeding in the garden and strawberry bed and did some work on the chicken coop.  On the coop, I finished staining the siding (we ran out of stain before) and measured and mapped out some sheathing pieces that V and I cut and put up this evening.  V and I also made a trip to the home supply store and picked up fencing material for the run, the interior wall and hardware cloth for over the windows.  So, except for some hinges (that we realized that we forgot) and the posts and roof for the run (that will be delivered with supplies for the rest of the deck) we've got everything we need to finish.
Now- we just need the weather to cooperate!  There were off and on showers all day today that limited what I could get done.  Tomorrow looks pretty good except for a 40% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Sunday and Monday look about the same.
Today, V had lunch with an 'informant' for his book.  He needs to get 'personal experiences' to make things work better.  He also spent the morning writing.  So, that took him out of the equation for most of the day.
Tomorrow, we plan to put in the windows on the coop and finish the last wall. Then, if the floor dries (!!) I will put down the flooring material (vinyl remnants) on the interior and we can begin working on the interior wall.  The hard stuff is done, we just need things to dry out and stay dry for a day or two.  Not that it is likely to happen.   But, if we can get the windows and walls done tomorrow, that will keep the rain out of the interior so it will dry better.
The big girls are more than ready to move out and the little chicks desperately need more room.
My hope for the long weekend is to get the coop finished enough that we can move the big girls out.  J16 will be MIA for the weekend since she will be at the farmer's market tomorrow morning and has numerous graduation parties for friends that she wants to attend this weekend.  However, we have had a discussion of expectations for the summer (if she wants gas money for the Smart car!) since we have many, many things going on this summer and V and I alone won't be able to get it all done when we will still have our regular jobs to do.
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.  We'll be busy... we've got a coop to build, garden to tend, herbs to plant and another birthday to celebrate (I13 will become I14 on Monday) as well as a graduation party to attend and all the usual weekend stuff.  Plus, I want a little time to relax.


  1. It is definitely a busy time of year. I'm sure the kids will be in there helping you out, you seem to have raised some great kids, and that cute little Smart Car is quite the motivation to work for, LOL! Hope the weather holds for your coop!

  2. I'm behind in my reading! You call that "not much"? Goodness - sounded like a lot got done and lots more to go -- Be sure to post pictures of this amazing coop!


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