Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're still here

It appears the world didn't end.  Thanks goodness, I've got way too much to do!
I did manage to get out of work at a reasonable time today. The exciting news is that the forecast rain didn't really materialize. We had rain last night and a brief storm this morning but it really didn't add up to too much.
V was busy writing today and we want the coop to dry a bit before we work on it more.  So...  I tilled the rest of the garden and planted out a few plants.  I'm trying out my cool corn based plastic weed barrier but it was a bit too windy to do much.  The film is REALLY thin and it blows with the slightest breeze.  I only planted out my tomatillos and the litchi tomatoes. Oh, and the little romaine lettuce plants that have been languishing on the porch. I'm hoping that the weather continues to hold and I'll plant my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow- if we're not building the coop- or even if we are.   I also managed to weed part of the early stuff. I've still got half the row of cabbage and the onions to weed.  But WOO HOO!  Things are happening.
We had planned to attend a play that J17 is in this evening. There is a series of student plays going on at the school this evening.  Unfortunately, the play that she was in was cancelled.  They were evidently doing a final rehearsal at one of the student's homes right next to the school.  As they were climbing the fence (taking a shortcut) one of the girls fell and was injured badly enough to require stitches.  So, no play tonight... but that allowed me a little more time to garden ;)
I do feel so much better this evening that I got some gardening stuff done.  Not quite as cranky now.


  1. *chuckle* I'm still here too! Thought it was going to rain this pm, 'cause I heard thunder approaching. Made our poor dog get back in her pen way too early to suit her, 'cause I didn't want to have to put her up in the rain later. then it didn't rain! not complaining tho'! ;)

  2. The rain here keeps skipping around and missing us....the Irishman watered the gatrdens tonight.
    UNfortunately, the humidity is through the roof and it is hot. It's still 70 right now, at midnight.
    But--the sweet 'taters are in!! And there is sproutage everywhere!
    Ahhhh...end of the day!

  3. I'm laughing thinking of you wrapped up like a mummy in that weed barrier, wind blowing you all around...LOL!

  4. Sorry to hear your daughters friend was hurt. Hope she recovers quickly. Wouldn't it be great if someone would develop weed resistant dirt? I do hate to weed. Seems like you can't get anything done for all this rain. Never seen so much rain in my life. Hope you get the Coope done soon. It does tend to get you cranky when we jusst cant seem to get done what we want. Hopefully some dry days ahead. We are having a thunderstorm now and are to have rain all week. I have 4 Knock Out roses I'd like to plant. would be nice if we'd get another sunny day...sigh...debbie (Isn't it awful what happened to Joplin, MO - such devistation!!)


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