Friday, May 20, 2011

It begins again

The rain has begun.  It did manage to hold off for most of the day.  V managed to get the roof on the chicken coop (against my advice, telling him he should wait for help) between bits of working on his book.
 I got home to look at the progress and only a few minutes later:
 The sky darkened and it began to rain.  So far it hasn't been too heavy but it is forecast to last all night and though tomorrow.
But, I did have a bit of time to look at what is blooming:
 Those are the double columbine that we planted in the goth garden last summer.
Chive blossoms...
 And the Magpie columbines also in the goth garden.  They aren't true black but they're pretty cool.
They are just starting to open up...

I work tomorrow, which is OK by me since it is supposed to rain all day.  Being at work will help me not be so frustrated with the weather.  Maybe Sunday we will be able to get some wall sheathing up on the coop.  We only have a 40% chance of rain.....
I'm kind of excited that I only have to work two days next week.  I've taken Tuesday and Wednesday off to celebrate our anniversary (a big one- 25 years!!!!) and I have Friday as a comp day for working tomorrow.  Friday off makes a 4 day weekend with the holiday (and I13's birthday!!)  I could get used to this schedule.  I just hope the weather cooperates some.  Although V won't complain about rain.  He desperately needs to write.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! All we have had is rain so I feel behind in the garden as well, we will probably have a late harvest for everything. The life of a gardener right?

  2. HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY!! WHOO HOO!! I hope you get to celebrate in fine style this year. Just seems like you had your Anniv. The coope is coming along!! Mighty fancy! They'll be the best housed chooks in the county!! Enjoyed your flowers! Esp the double columbine. Never have seen any of those!! Have a great Anniv. and good weekend. Will be dry (hark!!) weekend here and 82!! Amazing! ...debbie

  3. Happy Anniversary Weekend! Ours is next weekend, I think, LOL - it's not that we forget, just that we forget the actual DAY, but we always know that it's "Memorial Day Weekend" :)

  4. wow, those double columbine are gorgeous...I've never seen those. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Fullfreezer!!


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