Friday, May 6, 2011

Coop on hold for the day

With the cool, rainy weather we've been having, it seems that the concrete we poured yesterday isn't set yet.  sigh.   We don't want to continue building until it is ready since we want a firm foundation to build upon.
But... the day is not wasted!  We're working on lots of other projects on the to-do lists (both mine and V's)
I'll be back later today with photos of today's projects.  So far it's been busy.


  1. Ack! Supposed to rain here tonight, too... we have so many darn things on the "list" and we all seem to need a few days of sun (and no wind!).

  2. Darn rain. It's making the whole world wait until it's done having fun making us

  3. Today is beautiful, sunny day, about 70! I'm hoping that the concrete will dry in the sun today and we can begin construction tomorrow and continue Sunday.
    All I want for Mother's Day is a chicken coop! We're looking pretty good weather wise for the rest of the weekend.


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