Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rain delay

I knew the rain was coming today so I got outside and started working even before K11 got on the bus to go to school.  V came out and helped.  I got below the gravel layer into straight clay for part of it.  Let me tell you, I'll take straight clay over a clay/gravel mix any day!  The trenches were dug and we were just starting to fit in the base timbers when it started to rain. At first we ignored it. But it became more insistent and I started getting a bit chilled.  So we knocked off and went inside.  We had a few errands to run in town- we forgot to get lag bolts and a few other odds and ends, and had to stop at the bank and post office (hmm, I wonder why I was mailing packages...) We even went all out and had lunch downtown.  Ooo, That's a rarity!
The rain ended while we were out- we didn't really have much- just enough to make everything muddy. We got home and started back at it.  Everything was moving steadily but we had to stop, eat dinner and whisk K11 off to his spring band concert.  Even I won't miss that for a chicken coop.  Unfortunately, while we were there, the sky opened and it poured again.  At least only for a few minutes.
Concert over, we suited up, changed into our mud boots and got finished what we had planned for the day.  We've got the bottom layer of the foundation in place and level (we're using stacked treated 4x4s  for the foundation).   The corners are set on top of concrete blocks on their sides and we have anchored the beams with bolts through the beam into concrete in the holes of the blocks.  That probably makes absolutely no sense does it...  I'll try to get some photos tomorrow.  I wasn't taking my camera out in the rain- it's already acting funny enough.
Now it's dark, we're tired and we have to wait for the concrete to set.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be fine and we're hoping to make good progress.  It actually gets easier from here on.  Now it's just construction and THAT we know well.  I'm just frustrated that it took 2 days to get this far.  sigh.

But in other news.  While we were out getting stuff at the home store, they had asparagus crowns eight for $2.50.  Our poor pathetic asparagus is struggling so I picked up a package.  Maybe in a few years we'll be able to harvest more than one stalk.  And, while V was taking a break with the heating pad on his back (I warned him!) I managed to plant and mulch the asparagus, get my cranberries finally into the ground and moved another plant into the flower/herb/small fruit garden.

I know it's only Thursday night but I think I'm going to have a drink, sit on the couch and maybe watch some TV.  It's been days...

Oh, and J16 is NEARLY done with her dress.  Only facings and hem left.  It is GORGEOUS!!  But she isn't allowing photos yet. (maybe I'll sneak one tomorrow while she's at school) And she made a matching clutch purse to go along with it. And don't panic- the hem won't be that bad.  I have one of those great pressure foot contraptions for my machine that will automatically roll and stitch a 1/4 inch hem- just about perfect for that type of dress.  She will finish it up tomorrow night- nothing like waiting til the last minute- but then, she's my daughter!  We tend to thrive under pressure.


  1. Brrr, that kind of weather can get to you quickly. Glad her dress is going well, I would probably be a sobbing mess by now :)

  2. look forward to seeing the dress! after 14 days of rain here in KY, we enjoyed 2 days without but today it looks like rain again. *sigh* Wanted to be sure you got my e-mail containing my mailing address? Dmarie

  3. After years of planting asparagus and having poor results, my parents finally got a soil test done first and then brought the PH level up to between 6.5 and 6.8 where it should be and suddenly they can grow asparagus by the bucket load. I would check your PH levels if you are having problems growing it.

  4. YOUR SCHEDULE IS SO FULL AND YOU JUST TRUDGE ALONG UNDAUNTED!! Would love to see photos of the coope. Sounds like it's going to be strong!! Can't wait to see the dress!! How exciting. When is the Dance? I forgot. She'll be beautiful I'm positive!! I love asparagus! yum....debbie

  5. Looking forward to photographs of it ALL! What a busy woman you were/are! That day covered the gammut - hard labor to spring concert and fashion and gardening to boot!

  6. Erin and Dmarie- look for surprises in your mail early next week ;)
    Ed- thanks for the tip. My parents can grow it no problem. Funny thing is- I've got a soil test kit- I've just never used it.
    Debbie- I'm not sure undaunted is the right word. LOL! I'll try to get a dress photo this afternoon.
    Susan- you got it. Too bad I can't just keep doing this- I have to go back to work next week. I'm always happy as can be when I get to work around the house/farm and set my own schedule. Maybe someday....


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