Friday, May 13, 2011

It coulda been bad

Wow, it seems like a long time since I posted.  I was going through withdrawal yesterday while blogger had it's issues.  Not only could I not post, I couldn't see what was going on with all my bloggy friends.  I hope you all are well.
This afternoon was a tragedy averted.  I arrived home from work and wandered around a bit doing little stuff: reading the mail, sorting and starting laundry, checking seedlings, etc.  I finally went down to check on the chicks before I started dinner.  I was planning to change the bedding tonight and I thought I'd do it before I had dinner and maybe a glass of wine.  To my dismay, I discovered that the brooder light bulb had burnt out and the tiny chicks were huddled in a mass trying to stay warm!  To make matters worse, the bathroom window was still open.  We have had exceptionally warm weather the past two or three days (actually- hot!) and opened the window to allow more ventilation but today it cooled off and was rainy (high only near 60).  Unfortunately, no one thought to close the window so cool air was pouring into the bathroom.  EEEK!  I got the bulb changed and the chicks seem none the worse for wear.
The weekend is supposed to be cool and rainy (well, off and on showers).  I hope it holds off some. We desperately need to get that coop finished.   We haven't had time to work on it this week after work.  I've been doing other things and V has been incredibly busy trying to get stuff done for his book deadline. (he did get all his images sent off)  One side of the coop is finished, the North side is framed and sitting in the shop.  We just need to move it into place and fasten it.  So, we just need to frame the West and South sides.  Even if it is a bit rainy, we can do the framing in the shop and move them into place.  But we really need to get it moving.  The more rain we get on that exposed OSB sheathing and floor, the more likely we are to have damage that will cause problems later.  
And, those big chicks are getting HUGE!   And the little ones need more room.  And I need to get the main summer garden planted.  And I need to take the tiller over to Jim's house to help him start his garden.  And I need to bake and decorate a cake for J16's birthday (soon to be J17!) on Sunday.  And I have to work the annual plant sale at church on Sunday morning.  And......    It doesn't end.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.  My work schedule and the weather can't seem to get coordinated to make my life easy.  But, I will survive.  I always do.  This is the way of May.  Too many things need done at once.  And our anniversary is coming up.....
Oops, laundry calls.....
I hope you all have a productive weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. You have a busy weekend planned! I think we are getting the rain you had, it's really yucky here and I had SO much to do!

  2. Wow! Talk about busy!! Just remember... breathe in then breathe out!

  3. I had one of those days just this week, I was in tears though, hubby made the mistake of asking what was wrong, and then when I informed him I was feeling a bit overwhelmed he asked WHY, should not have told him...... I'm letting everyone sleep this morning, and I'm headed out to sit in the garden with some coffee, it's a bit nippy here in NE TX, 54 this AM, which after temps in the 90's is cool. We just got our chicks out of the tub in the back bathroom and into the coop, in their brooder boxes, now to build them a yard, does it ever end? We should all decide on a wine night soon, all of us blogging self sustainers raise a glass to each other, and whine for a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your family and fun, I really do enjoy stopping by for coffee in the AM!

  4. Did not realize I was signed in under my son's name, I'm at

  5. Erin- this system is so slow moving I'm going to scream. And of course, it's supposed to rain next weekend as well. Ugh.
    Lisa- LOL! I'm usually telling others the same thing.
    Valerie- Welcome! I don't dare vent to my hubby- he's got even more on his plate than I do at the moment. It's just that my stuff is mostly dependent on the weather cooperating- which is isn't. sigh....

  6. Wow, you do keep very busy! We enjoyed the heatwave and now I'm sitting ipunder a blanket on a gloomy day. I'm glad you averted the tragedy!

  7. It does get frustrating at times, and we do try to do way more than we should much of the time. I try always to remember that it's God's time, not my time...that helps a little.

    One of the things about this life is that we have to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak. So...we work our tushies off when we can, and when we can't we practice acceptance. lol

    Enjoy a chance to rest. You'll be working like a dog before you know it. xoxox


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