Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We had a lovely anniversary meal last night.  Our nephew spoiled us a bit. He wasn't working in the kitchen at 126 last night, however, was the chef at Hearth, the sister restaurant upstairs.   But the wait staff was expecting us and he stopped down to see us, bringing us a 'treat' of freshly fried beet chips.  He sent a few other treats throughout the meal.  All the food was outstanding- both what he brought and what we ordered.
He even managed to get me an ingredient list for one of the sides I had with my meal.  I would have never thought to put figs, cinnamon, cocoa, roasted tomatoes and chilis with eggplant but it was REALLY good. I'll have to try to replicate it when the eggplant starts producing.
One of the treats that we were brought was shaved raw asparagus with diced tomatoes and a truffle vinagrette.  Yummy!!
Of course, I don't think I need to eat for the next week....


  1. Sounds like you got the Royat Treatment!! Glad you had a good dinner. Sounds pretty nice to me too. Interesting ingredience!! I love asparagus!! ...debbie


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