Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I had a fabulous day today.  I'm sunburned and tired- but happy.
I have today and tomorrow off work.  I took some vacation time because today is our 25th wedding anniversary.  Hooray for us.  It sure doesn't seem like that long.
Today I got to spend some quality time with V- some working together, some just hanging out.  We got the roof finished on the chicken coop- roofing material and all!  Just in time for the latest round of thunderstorms.
Earlier today, while V was working on his manuscript, I planted the garden (hence the sunburn).  I got the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant planted out.  I also set out some herbs (basil, marjoram, summer savory), planted beans (bush and scarlet runner) and planted broom corn.   I've still got our baby corn to plant and the vining crops.  I'm holding off on those because V wants to be able to drive the garden tractor over that section of the garden with the wagon to haul out some logs from a tree he cut last year.
Tonight, we will be going out to dinner at 126, where our nephew (my brother's oldest son) is the kitchen manager.   They have lots of selections of locally and/or sustainably produced food.   The children- we're picking up a pizza for them and having date night.
I've still got tomorrow off.  Hmm, I wonder what I can accomplish then.  It's supposed to rain so it will probably be inside stuff.


  1. HAPPY HAPPY SILVER ANNIVERSARY!!!! Our 25th is June 21st....I know exactly what you mean that it doesn't seem that long but yet I don't ever remember not being married...

    Storms are passing by...the weird thing is they moved north east and now it looks like the clouds are blowing south from the north..

    Question??? where in Virginia did you live??? We lived in Virginia for 7 years... It was Prince William County... also we lived in Stafford, for a year...

    Have a great dinner tonight...Lisa

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    We've had days full of good progress too, doesn't it feel good? I don't mind a rainy day once a week or so, makes me catch up indoors :)

  3. I hope you had a lovely evening. It's always so great to see evidence of strong, loving marriages. We need to see pictures of that chicken coop! I do hope the weather improves - it's been a rough year all around. Congrats to you and V!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! And well done on the roof and gardening...what a fab day.

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND V!! HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL EVENING OUT. Can't wait to see pictures of the coope with the roof! They may be full grown by the time they get in it with all this blasted rain!! It rains every day here. It's almost tropical!! lol...debbie

  6. Happy Anniversary! And congrats on getting all that stuff planted out!


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