Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whew, what a whirlwind

A bit of a panic this afternoon when my laptop suddenly tried to tell me that I didn't have an airport card installed and it wasn't going to let me connect wirelessly with anything.  EEEK.  Fortunately, V is such a genius and was able to troubleshoot and get me back in operation.
It was drizzly this morning.  V stayed home to work on his manuscript but children and I went to church and J17 and I worked the plant sale.  Everything went well.  I'm not sure how much we brought in but probably close to $300.  There were only a few plants left (reminder to self- next year- more bell peppers!) and the veggie plants left over were taken to the crisis center to be given away to people stopping in at the food bank.  Anything to encourage more people to grow their own!
After lunch, the sun came out.  It was quite breezy so things dried out fairly quickly.  Behold:
 People door on the end and the clean out door toward the back.  The chicken space will be the back 8x8 section.  The front 4x8 part will be storage.  The interior wall isn't framed yet.  It will actually be a half wall with chicken wire over the top part.  There will be two windows in the storage section that we plan to use for ventilation and we need let the air flow through.
The last wall was framed:
 And we hoisted it into position only to discover that one of the 2x4s attached to the shop as part of the east wall has warped in all the rain we've had and we'll need to do some adjusting to get the wall to fit into place. sigh...  so the final wall isn't up yet.  But, the weather is supposed to be dry all week so maybe working afternoons/evenings we can get this thing more finished before it starts to rain again just in time for next weekend.
I didn't get any gardening done today.  It is just too wet out there.  And we've got scattered frost forecast for the next two nights.
And last but not least:
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter.  Now 17!  Where has the time gone.  We went out to dinner for sushi and had cake later at home.  Yum.


  1. That is going to be an excellent coop. And a very clever cake!

  2. Now that's my kind of cake! I enlarged the photo of the inside of the shop behind the coop and WOW I am amazed (and jealous) of that lovely big storage and work space! Happy Birthday J17!

  3. what happened to sunday a day of rest --yah right!...
    I too am jealous of your workspace-right now we do everything in our dining room :) or outside. Not for too much longer.
    Your coop looks great! Our 10 birds had a 10x4 space, it was insulated and we had moisture issues. New and better plsn for next year. Also plan for litter build up, at the end of the winter i had a good 24-30 inches of bedding in there (and I had removed some during a thaw!) The litter will actually produce heat as it decomposes in the coop so you WANT to leave it in there. Maybe make your perches adjustable?

  4. Judy ... My perches are "ladder-like" All wood .. between 3-4 feet with 1x2 "rungs". And I lean them up against the walls.

    They really don't move and it is much easier to move them out when you go to clean the coop.

    We've tried others and these seem to work best for me.

  5. tpals- we pride ourselves around here for having quite individualized cakes for everyone. No two are ever the same.
    Erin- LOL! We've got tons of room in that shop. It's about a 25x50 space. but it is so stacked full. There is the stack of drywall, the stack of foam insulation panels, chicken coop lumber, an old car, Vernon's workbench, old doors and lumber and a train layout! Someday in my spare time I hope to clean it out!
    Kris and Cathy- The roosts will be moveable. I'm thinking about the ladder type- and I plan to park it over the clean out door so I can clean out under the roost more often than I do the main coop.

  6. Happy birthday to her!! :)

    Good to see how your coop is going :)

  7. Construction never goes quite as fast as we would like. But you are making progress and your chickens will be in their new home before you know it. ('Course, if it would stop raining, things would move along a little more smoothly!) Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter!

  8. such a lovely girl!

    THANK YOU for my lovely surprise that arrived in the mail. I finally got around to taking and uploading a pic on my blog, to thank you properly. The gloves fit me to a tea! Not sure if we'll manage to germinate the seeds in time for this season (wet here too!!), but look forward to the time we do. Thank you so much!!

  9. What do you do for a teen age of 17 for a get together-my grandson who is living with me is also turning 17 ho -hum what to do-what to do?


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