Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Amazing!  what a weather ride we've had in the past few weeks.  From a freeze to record or near record highs today.  We hit 91F!    With the warm weather of the past few days, spring has been springing out all over and the flowers bursting into bloom.
The first strawberry blossom:
But notice its dark little heart :(  Freeze damage.
And the lilac has suddenly become awesomely fragrant and beautiful.
 And amazingly enough, my tiny clematis is blooming!
 The poor thing is only about 7 inches tall.  I got it really cheap last year at the very end of the season when one of the garden shops was clearing out all its plants.  The poor thing was pot bound and pathetic and honestly, I was surprised that it came back at all this year.  And to bloom.  Amazing.
And apple blossoms.
 Mmmmmm..... the big tree is loaded again this year.  I didn't venture out to check the little ones tonight but I hadn't noticed any buds on them.
And last but not least.  One of the black columbine in J16's goth garden isn't quite blooming
But it promises to be spectacular in a few days.
What's blooming in your neck of the woods?


  1. Nothing! We don't even have dandelion flower yet! Why do I live in northern WI again?? JK -I wouldn't trade this place for anything!

  2. Beautiful! I saw it was 88 yesterday back home and I thought of you out there gardening and coop building and actually sweating LOL!

  3. I'd say Spring has certainly sprung in your neck of the woods!! How pretty everything is. It was 81 here, then dropped like a rock to 60 with approaching storms. Dang rain!!! ...debbie

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  5. I just posted a few pictures of my mother-in-law's yard. She's amazing. :)

  6. The blooms are amazing especially the apple tree blooms,which I am partial to !

  7. Everything's blooming around here too...and we have a clematis that eats the whole corner of the front porch every year...it seems to thrive on neglect, cuz all I do is chop it down to the ground every year. I hate to think what would happen if I ever fertilized it!! lol

    Hot here and already 73 at 9 AM. I think there's some cooler (more normal) weather coming though...


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