Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun in Fotos

Well, that's not spelled correctly, is it?
As I said earlier, we didn't get to work on the coop today.  Here is the reason:
Still damp concrete in the blocks that are anchoring the foundation beams.  At least it was bright and sunny for most of the day so it should be ready tomorrow.
Even though we couldn't work on the coop, we were busy, busy, busy.
V had me help him with several projects on the barn:
 Yup, that's him high up on the ladder.  I was the designated ladder holder.  On this end of the barn he removed the old sodium halide fixture that was there (it cost a small fortune to use!) and replaced it with a spotlight fixture with 'eco-sense' bulbs:
 Look at that blue sky!
On the other end of the barn, we removed the upper hay door under the eaves of the west end (we still have the bigger, more convenient doors you can see above) and replaced it with a window:
This window is screened and hinged so we can open it.  It provides light into the upstairs hay mow and will hopefully make the space more useable.   I'll have to do a post on the barn sometime.  That's something I don't think I've ever done.
In between times when V needed me to assist, I worked on the South flower/fruit garden.  I dug up much, much grass, moved several plants from other locations and planted summer flowering bulbs (asiatic lilies, blazing star and a fox-tail lily).  V came and helped me when he finished his work and we mulched
 Hopefully we can keep the grass down a bit.  Just to the north of this flower bed will be a patio with space for our fire pit.  This is also my butterfly/bee garden.
And speaking of bees... we were talking about where to put the hive next year.  Here is the current favorite:
Behind the gate you can see are my 'small fruits'- raspberry, blueberry and red currants.  Then just North of that (moving away) is my garden space.  There is a quite steep hill here.  But if you notice the spot of brown grass, there is a flat space.  We were thinking of putting the hive here.    The hill would shelter it from the cruel winds in the winter and the boxelder trees just to the northwest would provide a bit of shade in the summer.  It is well above the wetland so it won't be too damp.  And just to the south is this:
The vast expanse of meadow and orchard that is filled with wildflowers summer and fall.
Those more familiar with bees- what do you think??  It isn't too far from the house- nor is it too near.

And lastly, a true sign of spring:
Our big apple tree is getting ready to burst into bloom.  I noticed today that the wild plums along the fence are already blooming.

It felt so good to be outside, doing all sorts of homesteady things today.  Too bad I have to go back to work on Monday...  I've only got two more days to accomplish so much!

And, no, I'm not Wonder Woman.  Just determined to make the most of the time I've got at home.

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow (and maybe, just maybe, some prom dress photos.)


  1. Oh the barn, that fabulous barn... gosh I'd love to have a barn like that one day...

  2. I think your bees will be happy. I think I have mentioned that my parents had around 120 hives back when I was in high school.

    Mostly bees stay within a mile or two of their hives if possible and sufficient food sources but I think I have read that they can and will go upwards of five miles away. We generally put groups of hives on various farms separated by three or four miles and didn't really worry about food sources specifically unless someone hired us for pollination purposes.

    The main crops around here in SE Iowa was the spring white clover bloom and the fall goldenrod bloom. In between with the wildflowers was pretty much just enough to sustain the hives but not gather huge quantities of honey. To this day, I think there is no honey quite so delicate or tasty as white clover honey!

  3. I love that ladder shot, nice photo! I can't believe you removed that door - some of my fondest memories involved our hayloft door LOL, although probably not my mom's favorite memories :)

    Lots of progress, don't worry, that coop will come together in no time the way you guys work.

  4. Whoa, that barn/ladder one made me dizzy! :) Awesome!


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