Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm gonna be stiff tomorrow!

I spent the morning doing some errandy things around town.  This afternoon, I started in on the trenches for the coop foundation.  Even though I know it is a good location for the coop, somebody please tell me why I decided I had to put the coop in the spot where the soil is compacted clay and gravel?
It took me a bit to get the stakes in place so the corners are actually square and then I started digging.  OUCH.  I got three sides done nice and straight but not deep enough yet.  I started using the pick end of the mattock before I had to quit to get a shower before heading off to pick up J16 from an after school play practice.  I'll have to be out working again tomorrow so maybe I can get it finished in the morning.  V has volunteered to come help me but I hate to have him have to do it.  Partly because this is my project but mostly because he strained his back using the tiller this weekend to break up compacted soil that they were trying to move to level out the yard.  It's pretty heavy going out there in the trenches and I don't want him to totally incapacitate himself- I need him for construction!!
I do hope the weather holds,  the forecast is for possible showers and thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Think positive thoughts for no rain!
In fun news, J16 got to work the first farmer's market of the season this evening and had a grand time. The local market is on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.  I picked her up from school, dropped her off at the market (did a little shopping once they opened ;) )  and headed to a meeting at church about the plant sale we will be having in another week and a half (the 15th).
This is our second year doing the sale.  The committee I am on (the Social Ministries/Concerns) is heavily into fund raising for the local crisis center. This means I need to sort my seedlings into three categories: those for me, those for Jim and those to donate to the plant sale. I really love having the sale- it gives me an outlet for all of those extra seedlings I always seem to have and just can't stand killing.
Back to J16 and the market- she had enough fun that she is actually going to work Saturday morning- before prom!  She figures she can take a nap in the afternoon before all the excitement starts.  What a whirlwind life she leads.
The new chicks are doing well.  It's so fun to watch them run around- they look kind of like fuzzy ping pong balls sometimes bouncing off each other and the walls. Too cute.  But I just need to look at the girls in the big bird side to get my inspiration for the coop.  Ahhh... I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.


  1. You're a mad, brave woman! It took me an entire summer to build my coop but I didn't have your incentive to speed me on.

  2. I hear you on the stiff muscles, in the same boat here this morning! But we love it, don't we? :)

    Did the same thing here with chicks--had them in a brooder with no coop built yet. It's a great motivator. Good luck on the rest of your project!

  3. I have to say, when you decide to do a project you pick the hardest ones!!! phew!! From the kitchen to digging foundations!! Good Lord!! lol, I've got to envy you for that!! ...debbie

  4. Thank goodness, stiff muscles go away after a bit. lol

    We've been doing mad dash work between storms around here. S'posed to rain today too, but nice tomorrow. Maybe I'll get my list reordered and do all the shoppy, Goodwill, inside sorts of things today!

    C'mon spring.

    And it sounds to me like J16 is DEFINITELY her mother's daughter!! lol

    Have a grand Thursday...

  5. Crazy busy woman! Now where's that DRESS?! Tell J16 she better get a move on :)

  6. I've had to dig in clay before. Hate doing it. Hope you feel ok after it.


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