Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today's forecast scattered showers turned into an all-day cold, soaking rain.  GRRRRR...  I had such hopes for the day.  We did manage to get another wall framed for the coop by working in the shop but we're stuck there because we're out of room to do the other one.  We had hoped to put those walls up today but V is worried about the OSB flooring that's out there now.  We covered it with tarps but it is still looking wet and he's worried about sinking screws into it.
But, it is supposed to start clearing off tomorrow afternoon so we're hoping to get all the walls up.  Then it is supposed to be lovely all week so hopefully we can get the roof on as well.  Maybe by next weekend we'll be able to move the big chicks in.  Of course, I have to work next Saturday so we'll see how much gets done.
And it's probably just as well I didn't get my tomatoes and peppers planted yet.  The forecast for tomorrow and Monday night is for lows back into the mid 30s.  I guess with the weather we've had I'm not surprised.
So, I'm frustrated by the weather. sigh.....
But today wasn't a total waste.  Today I:
Baked J's birthday cake
Did dishes
Did 3 loads of laundry- used the dryer- too wet for the lines outside :(
Sorted the several baskets of laundry that have been sitting around (this time of year I'm good about getting it washed and folded but sorted and put away is another story.
Mended the pocket of V's work pants
Got J's birthday gift (yes, I'm still getting her something even after a car- which wasn't really for her birthday)
Picked up a load of pine shavings for bedding for in the coop
Got a big feeder for the chickens in the coop
Helped V frame the West wall of the coop.  Now we have the North and West walls framed and ready to put up.  We even worked on the door frame a bit. We are repurposing the old door that we replaced on the south side of the house last fall.
Started planning the roost for the coop.  I'll be using repurposed wood from the counter crates.  We would have used it for construction but it is really soft pine so V didn't think it was good for construction. But it should make great roosts.
Received a package in the mail from Susan.  FUN!  Thanks so much!
Tomorrow will be busy.   I've got to work at the plant sale at church all morning.  Of course, I'm getting rid of 5 flats of plants that I started!  Woo Hoo!!!  It's for a good cause- we're fund raising for the local crisis center.  The fund we're donating to helps families financially with things like utilities and rent to keep them in their homes.  There has been a HUGE increase in the demand for services in the past year.
Tomorrow there is also a name change here.  J16 will officially become J17.   So, there will be a cake to decorate and a party to be had.  If it clears up in the afternoon, we'll be building.
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Holy moley, you got a HUGE amount done today. I can't imagine how much you would have accomplished if the sun had been shining!

    We're forecast to get down to 32 degrees tonight but I don't think it's going to go that low. I'm hoping for a nice day tomorrow 'cause I'm getting panicky about ALL the stuff there is outside that seems to want to be done NOW! Wishing good weather for you.

  2. We are also getting really frustrated with the weather--cold, cold, and wet. Frost this week. Grr, thinking more seriously about hoops, coldframes or green houses to extend our growing season...

  3. We're supposed to get rain all weekend, but we're looking forward to it because it hasn't rained here in 9 days!

  4. Sorry about the weather, blech! Here too it has been raining on and off all weekend and supposed to stay that way for the next several days, although our nighttime temps are only dipping into the 50's so I can't complain, just messes with "the plan"! Happy Birthday to J"17"!


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